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Getting the optimum from outsourcing your business processes

Increased competition and the constant expectation to improve productivity while also minimising costs puts many a business under growing pressure. This is why more and more businesses choose to hand over the responsibility for one or more tasks to external business partners – referred to as 'business process outsourcing'.
Therefore, we have developed a range of ’extended services’ to complement the customer’s own resources and competencies and help optimise the investment in ProMark. Get good advice on ProMark Business Process Outsourcing from both sides of the table.


Correct data for follow-up on production hours

Valmont SM manufactures and co-engineers heavy complex steel structures for a diverse range of industries. Operations are based on a dual production strategy with both series and order production. Valmont SM has two advanced and highly automated production plants.
Previously, the collection of employee working time and absence was carried out manually. Thus, it was very hard to figure out data and track status on orders and use of time.

With the implementation of ProMark for time and job registration, Valmont SM has now automated the collection and achieved a smooth approval of registrations. This saves administrative time and increases transparency in job data for complete follow-up on all production hours. In addition, Valmont SM can push information on orders to the employees so they can follow status and use of time.


Latest news

Scandi Standard expands their ProMark solution
Scandi Standard includes the company SweHatch in their ProMark solution and adds our staff roster planning solution, ProRoster, to their portfolio.
Xellia Pharmaceuticals signs agreement with Mark Information
The agreement covers a standard ProMark solution for 600 employees in Denmark which will be implemented in 2 phases.

DEAS expands agreement with Mark Information
ProMark will support time & attendance registration for 90 new employees covered by an additional collective agreement.

Orkla Denmark expands their ProMark solution
Orkla doubles the number of users and adds our new mobile app to their solution.
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