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Dear Kirsten

2018 is coming to an end and most of us are busy taking care of the last few things before Christmas celebrations can begin.

Again, it has been a busy and exciting year in Mark Information and we would like to thank you for your continued interest in Mark Information and workforce management. We look forward to continuing the journey in the year to come.

Happy holidays to you and your family and the best wishes for 2019!

Best regards,
Torkel Olrik


We have welcomed new (and former) customers and expanded our agreements with a number of existing customers.

And more customers are on their way …
Our ProHost SAP Driver achieved official certified integration with SAP, enabling ProMark to transfer exact payroll and absence data to SAP solutions – without a need for custom programming.
For the third year in a row, we are among the vendors that Gartner has chosen to mention in their "Market Guide for Workforce Management Applications".
With 10 releases this year, we have had focus on some big improvements to ProMark:
  • Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) at the beginning of the year
  • Upgraded functionality in our mobile app, ProMobile, and improved reporting options in ProReport to facilitate the daily tasks
We have developed a groundbreaking solution for the construction industry, enabling customers to optimise the task management on the construction sites.
In addition, we have spent a large part of the year preparing a great 2019 ProMark year during which we will introduce:
  • Our new holiday accounting module to manage accrued holiday, transfer of holiday, rolling sickness and much more
  • A new, modernized ProPortal 2019, built on the latest technologies
  • ProSchedule – a new module supporting modern, demand-driven staff roster planning developed within the new ProPortal 2019 with ’drag and drop’ functionality
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