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APRIL 2020

Dynamic staff rostering and shift scheduling strengthen your business – especially in a corona time

It can be a complicated and time-consuming task to ensure that the right employees are present when needed – especially in companies with many hourly paid employees with flexible working hours and many temporary workers. There are often many elements to consider in employee scheduling.
And the corona situation has not made the task easier… Rather the contrary! As UK is now slowly opening the community after being shut down to limit the risk of being infected with coronavirus, many companies have to deal with both working hours and tasks in entirely new ways. This requires the right tools.

ProMark’s modules for employee scheduling makes planning more efficient by placing it with each team leader – close to the individual employee. Not only does it help to increase the productivity and keep costs within the framework so that the company can remain profitable and competitive. It also increases the flexibility and ability to respond quickly to changes – benefitting both the company and its employees.


ProSchedule – new module for shift scheduling with self-service

Up till now, employee scheduling in ProMark has been carried out largely by adjusting when and where each employee is to work. However, many of our customers need to be able to make shift scheduling based on specific needs (manning tasks/shifts) at specific hours. That is why we have developed a new module, ProSchedule.
With ProSchedule, the plan is built by defining the demands as building blocks of shifts to be covered by employees. Once the shifts have been planned, they are assigned to the relevant employees. The system keeps track of working time rules and absence for the individual employee as well as any requirements for the employee's qualifications.

The module allows for self-service among the employees. Shifts which are not immediately manned or become vacant along the way may be offered to relevant employees. They can swap shifts with colleagues, put them up for sale and always have an up-to-date overview of their current working hours.


ProMark easily integrates into your IT landscape

If you are running an SAP or Microsoft strategy, ProMark is one of the best choices for Workforce Management.
With extensive, yet focused, functionality areas within time & attendance, absence management, task management and employee scheduling ProMark is a future-proof platform offering open APIs and standardised integrations to SAP, Microsoft and most other business systems. And this applies to both cloud and on-premise solutions.

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